At Hargreaves Memorial Hospital, we provide a range of physiotherapy treatments, from short courses that speed up recovery to long-term rehabilitation after serious injury or surgery. We’re an excellent provider of physiotherapy services with some of the most highly skilled practitioners in the country offering advanced treatment techniques to help you get back to enjoying the activities you love so much. Our team of specialist physiotherapists are available to treat all conditions relating to our patients’ health.

All our physiotherapists are focused on providing you with the most effective and appropriate treatment plan. Sometimes this may require a change in lifestyle and or continued exercise programme, our physiotherapy team will guide you. HMH has a dedicated team of highly qualified physiotherapists with a diverse wealth of knowledge, experience and skill.

Physiotherapy can help with the pain relief, healing and rehabilitation of most medical and surgical conditions. Your physiotherapist will carry out an initial assessment to establish both the cause and nature of your condition. Treatment would be recommended based on the assessment findings that best suit you.

Physiotherapy treatment is available to everyone. If treatment is required you can refer yourself to our frontdesk and you can either use your medical insurance or just pay for yourself.