In our continued effort to upgrade Hargreaves memorial hospital, we have now converted our radiology department to digital imaging. Our new Picturing Archiving Communication Systems (PAC System) allows X-Ray, Digital Fluoroscopy and Ultra sound Images to be viewed on our 3 mega pixel high resolution medical monitors within minutes of completing the study.

Outlined below are the major advantages of the PAC System:

  • Immediate access for doctor to view study.
  • It allows images to be viewed anytime, anywhere.
  • Simultaneous viewing of images by multiple professionals.
  • Ability to retrieve previous image from database for comparison.
  • Faster patients treatment planning.
  • Better patient care and satisfaction.
  • No lost images.
  • No Film.
  • Local and off-site storage.
  • All images can be stored on a CD.
  • Multiple viewing stations.
  • Efficiency.
  • Less cost to patients.
  • Decrease unnecessary hospital admission.
  • Ability for consultations with local consultants in real time.
  • High resolution clarity.
  • Radiologist is able to review/ report on images in real time.
  • Orthopedic surgeon and Emergency Room doctor can also see images in real time and ask for additional as needed before patient leave X-Ray room.


With the above in mind, Hargreaves Memorial Hospital Radiology Department now has the capability to offer you off-site viewing of X-Ray and Ultra Sound studies on your own personal computer (Windows driven). In addition you are also welcome to view our studies on our 3MP high resolution viewing monitors located at the Radiology Department.