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Welcome to the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital (the "Company") Rewards Program (the "Program"). The Program is a customer rewards program offered by the Company to you, subject to your acceptance of these terms and conditions (the "Terms"), the Company's privacy policy, and any amendments that the Company makes.


By participating in the Program, you: (i) consent to the Company's collection and use of your personal information (as set out below); and,; (ii)  agree to these Terms, as they may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree to these Terms, you cannot participate in the Program.

  1. Earning Points. You earn Program rewards points ("Points") by  purchasing  the Company's participating service(s), calculated on the pre-tax purchase price. The Company may change the basis upon which Points are awarded, including the number of Points awarded per dollar spent, at any time, without notice to you. Points are only earned on regularly-priced purchases. Sale purchases, or purchases in conjunction with another offer, may earn you fewer, or no, Points.
  2. Eligible services:  All services offered by the hospital EXCEPT room and board are eligible for this program
  3. Membership. To participate in the Program, you must be a Program member. The Company may determine who it grants membership to, and may revoke your membership at any time, without notice to you. You may complete an application for membership by providing the Company with your full name, email address and telephone number. Only one Program membership is available per person.
  4. Rewards Card. The Program rewards card ("Card") is the Company's property. It is not a credit card. If your membership is revoked for any reason, you must immediately return the Card to the Company.
  5. Lost or Stolen Card. You must notify the Company immediately if your Card is lost or stolen. The Company will issue you a new Card, upon your presentation of a government-issued photo identification. The Company is not responsible for any points redemptions made using your lost or stolen Card, up to the time that you report the lost or stolen Card.
  6. Purchaser Earns Points. You earn one point for every dollar spent and you must earn. Points are only earned by, and will only be deposited to, the account associated with the member making the purchase in question. Points are not transferable except in the case of IMMEDIATE family members
  7. Presentation of Card Required.  You must present to the cashier before the sale is completed in order to receive Points for your purchase. Points will not be applied retroactively to any purchases. Other exclusions may apply.
  8. No Cash Value. Points have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  9. Refunds. If you receive a refund for any purchase, any Points awarded for that purchase will be deducted from your account (regardless of whether you present your Card at the time of the return).
  10. Redeeming Points.   You must first earn 25000 points before you start redeeming points against purchase. Points are applied to FUTURE purchases. Points earned cannot be redeemed on the same day they are earned.
  11. Errors. The Company is not obligated to honour a redemption request on an inaccurate Points value resulting from an error in printing, production or posting.
  12. Changes to the Program. The Company may:
  13. terminate the Program at any time, without notice to you;
  14. restrict, suspend, extend or otherwise alter the Program (or any aspects thereof), without notice to you; and/or,
  15. revise these Terms.
  16. Revocation of Membership. If, in the Company's opinion, you abuse any of the Program privileges, or breach any of these Terms, the Company may revoke your membership, without notice to you, and cancel any reward points that you have accumulated.
  17. Inactivity. If you do not use your Card for 12 consecutive months, your account will deemed to be inactive and all accumulated Points will be forfeited.
  18. Up-to-date information. You must ensure that the information you provide to the Company is complete and up-to-date. If any information changes, you must notify the Company immediately.
  19. Privacy. The information you provide as part of the Program is used in compliance with the Company's privacy policy. Please refer to this policy for more information.
  20. Annual Subscription Fee. There is an annual fee of $500 or 10000 points which is charged on the anniversary date of your card.

Effective Date. These Terms are effective as of January 2016, and replace any previous version. Using your Card after such effective date constitutes your acceptance of these Terms. Publications of these Terms in the Company's store(s) or on the Company's website is deemed to be notice of such Terms (where notice is required to be given).

Please read our Rules and Regulations, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement for our Hargreaves Rewards Programme.